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Metal Seat Belt Extender For High-Eend Vehicles

  • Versatility

    Universal car seat belt extenders provide safety when the vehicle's original seat belts are not long enough.

  • High-quality materials

    Zinc alloy material electroplating process, from material selection to screening, humanized design is integrated into it, not only beautiful but also practical.

  • Textured three-dimensional car logo

    The overall design adds a metal three-dimensional car logo, designed for special cars, bringing different visual enjoyment.

  • Expandable design

    Additional advanced functions, seat belt extensions, all metal casting ensure safe use, very practical functional products, beautiful and practical.

Security lock

High quality alloy coating, not easy to rust, shatterproof and extremely safe.

Help solve your driving problems!

The high-gloss mirror effect is excellent, the details are carefully controlled, and the quality is checked at all levels.


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These work perfectly, I had shoulder surgery and couldn't buckle up without these. Schedule use even after I regain use of my shoulder. Highly recommended.


These seat belt extenders are the perfect way to make it easier for my grandson to buckle up. The plug in the back seat of my truck is difficult for small children to unplug from between the seats. Great addition to my truck.


I bought these because I prefer my seatbelt not to snap when I put it on and I'm a plus size man. With these belt extenders I still feel safe and not trapped by my seat belt.