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  • Easy to Carry

    This mask is small in size and easy to carry. It can be taken on trips and outings without taking up space.

  • Suitable All Skin Types

    The gold peel-off mask is suitable for all skin types and skin problems.

  • Brightening

    A 98.4% Gold Peel-off Mask makes skin look brighter and more refined. It visibly lightens skin tone, tightens pores, and improves skin texture.

  • Anti-Aging

    The gold peel-off mask has anti-aging properties and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Gold Foil Element

This 98.4% gold peeling wrinkle proof facial mask is integrated with 24k gold foil element to provide and make you a new person.

  • Golden Peel-off Mask

    Powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients on the face, making the skin visibly radiant and even-toned.

  • Deep Cleaning

    Gold Peel Off Mask adsorbs impurities, penetrates deep into pores, effectively draws out blackheads and removes dirt and excess oil. When you take off your mask, it's like peeling off a layer of pressure from your face. Giving skin deep cleansing and spa-like care.

  • Deep Hydration

    Unique mask formula helps you achieve a fully hydrated complexion that stay smooth, supple, and glows from within. Addresses the cause of dryness to deliver hydration.

  • Natural Ingredients

    The Gold Tear-Of Mask is rich in a variety of mild ingredients, it can enhance our skin’s vitality, deeply replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by our skin and strengthen our skin barrier







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I love a good peel off mask and wanted to try this one because the price was so good. The mask goes on really smoothly and is cool to the skin, making it very relaxing to wear, and it smells nice too, pleasant but not too strong. It peeled off easily and cleanly and made my skin so soft and I see more of a glow on my skin the following day so I’m really happy with the results.


Mask is a beautiful golden color, glides on easily, comes with a silicone spatula to apply. Apply a thin layer, that will be more than enough, keep on until it dries. Peel off gently, for me it was easy to peel off. Leaves skin fresh and smooth.


My skin was definitely glowing & moisturized after. It's fun to use & my teenage daughter enjoyed it as well. I can say that my pores appear much cleaner and my face is very moisturized after using gives you a beautiful glow from within. No burning or irritation of the skin after using either.