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  • Super Bright Flashlight

    The super bright flashlight projects a wide beam of light that easily illuminates an entire room or your yard, illuminating things up to 4999 feet away with great clarity. This flashlight has a first-class lifespan.

  • 3 Light Modes

    The high brightness rechargeable flashlight has 3 light modes: strong light/low light/flash, perfect flashlight for camping, hiking, trekking, running, Enhanced on/off button, press and hold for 4-5 seconds to turn off all lights.

  • Widespread

    You can switch multiple modes to use in different occasions, such as: B. for emergency repairs, wild camping, tunnel work, field training, jungle survival, camping. scientific exploration, etc. The scope of application is very wide.

  • High Quality

    The high lumen output flashlight is constructed of a durable aluminum alloy body with a military-grade hard anodized aluminum body that can withstand impacts up to 10 feet away. It is also non-slip, shockproof, waterproof, rainproof and dustproof.

Multifunctional LED Flashlight

Multifunctional super powerful mini LED flashlight, the maximum irradiation distance is 1500m

  • IP8 Waterproof Flashlight

    The high lumen tactical flashlight has better waterproof performance and is not easily affected by dust. The normal use of the rechargeable waterproof flashlight can be ensured even in bad weather such as heavy rain and snow.

  • Compact and Portable

    This compact flashlight fits easily into your pocket, backpack or purse for convenient storage and quick access. Ideal for use around the house, on dog walks or on camping trips.

  • Safe and Secure

    This super bright flashlight is equipped with multiple circuit protection functions, including overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection and short circuit protection. These features not only make the performance of the flashlight more stable, but also greatly extend the life of the high-performance flashlight.

  • High Lumen and Rechargeable

    The ergonomically designed pressure switch has a low battery reminder function, so you don't have to worry about the flashlight suddenly losing power. In addition, it has a USB-C cable for fast charging and an output function to charge your phone. This makes it perfect for dealing with emergencies.

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I'm very excited. You can tell that this flashlight is of high quality. Great flashlight - just the right size to put in your pocket.


Not too easy, but not too difficult either. Very pleasant! The different modes are not gimmicks, I don't want to miss them.


The lights are very bright and you can walk in the forest at night without worrying about tripping. The light beam can also be adjusted as needed.